a great wide range of barbed wire

Barbed wire production process is divided into: woven type, spot welding type, cut type, stamping type, surround type, screw by nature, anchorage type, etc., collectively known as barbed wire or wire mesh. Barbed wire further development and growth, with today's wide variety of such as: guardrail net, protective net, crimped net, woven net, hook mesh, Dutch net, welding net, steel welding net, wire welding net, wire crimped net, wire fence; Mesh and so on barbed wire related products: flood control with barbed wire: stone cage net, gabion net, matte net, wire cage, honeycomb grid, ecological grid, ecological net cage, road reinforcement net, port engineering net, retaining wall, green grid, heavy hexagonal net. Traffic safety protection with barbed wire: highway guardrail net, highway guardrail net, airport guardrail net, railway guardrail net, bridge guardrail net, factory purse Seine, stadium purse Seine, workshop warehouse purse Seine, construction site guardrail net, residential guardrail net.

Chicken wire for breeding and planting: Dutch net, hook net, diamond net. Coal mine wire mesh: underground metal mesh, coal mine warp and weft mesh, coal mine net, coal mine safety net, coal mine net, mine wire mesh, coal mine wire mesh, coal mine weaving wire mesh, coal mine weaving net.

Welding mesh, welding mesh is a kind of high quality Q195 low carbon steel wire line welding, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC plastic coated surface passivation, plasticizing treatment, mesh surface flat, uniform mesh, solid solder joint, local machining performance is good, stable, anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance good mesh mesh products. Galvanized (electroplating or hot plating) after forming the welding mesh; The products are made of high quality galvanized iron wire by precise automatic mechanical welding.

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It has the characteristics of solid solder joint, reasonable structure, uniform mesh and so on. The net surface is smooth, the structure is strong, the integrity is strong, and the corrosion resistance is strong. It can also be used for the private net of floor heating in the construction industry. It is now widely used in many parts of the country

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